Sam Says Let’s Go To The City & See Joe Strummer

John R. Beardsley

I will never love you like I love Joe Strummer
she said and I said that’s ok                                                        I won’t either

                        Our lips were there in the rearview mirror
and if you were in the backseat    maybe it would have looked
                        like a movie from the 1990s                   you know,
overexposed like that                  We were both mouthing our Strummer love

           and Sam said                 how many times 
                        do we say his name
What                 I said    Like Bloody Mary she said                       and I said Oh 
                                                Like Bloody Mary
It wasn’t even dark and he never of course showed up
but it was ok     

So we go to a thrift store                                    Sam is wearing this kids shirt    
and prancing around like how
                                                                                                a rabid horse might look

I say I love you rabid horse 

and she says 

This place is terrible let’s go buy records                           It is terrible     
And at the record store there’s Joe fucking Strummer & we don’t
say anything ‘cause we’re trying to be cool          
                                                but Sam pokes me and says I told you it would
work                             I told you