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All Together Now

Ian Stansel

There has been a spate of articles written in recent months about the value of books and an education in the Humanities. Danny Heitman of the Christian Science Monitor points out that the Humanities are "an important source of wisdom for those who wish…

Discounted July Subscriptions

Ian Stansel

We know that extra cash is in short supply for so many people these days and that things like magazines are luxuries compared to many other products around the house. We here at Gulf Coast are feeling the pinch, too, with state funding cuts to arts organizations…

My Top 5 Quick & Dirty Submission Tricks

Karyna McGlynn

Let's be honest: if you're reading this blog you've probably read your fair share of submission guidelines, and, like me, you've probably received plenty of solicited and unsolicited publishing advice--some of it bad, but a lot of it just useless: of…

Plots and Punchlines

Zachary Martin

Before I became a struggling writer, I was a struggling comedian. This is perhaps not surprising given the three things my childhood never suffered for: books from yard sales, comedy on vinyl, and sarcasm. My father would often leave a Bill Cosby or George…

Go with Your Gut (And Don't Be Afraid to Say No to the Special)

Meggie Monahan

For as long as I knew him, my grandfather sat in the same leather arm chair and listened to the same jazz songs on the same radio station. At every family party, he drank the same red-tinted Manhattan with a cluster of Maraschino cherries at the bottom…

Ever Wonder Why Your Bookcase is Called "Billy"?

Becca Wadlinger

As the resident Scandinavian language speaker here in the Gulf Coast office, I thought I'd let you in on the entertaining taxonomy that exists within the shelves of Swedish superstore IKEA. I began to notice patterns in the furniture names years ago,…

These are the best poems in the world ever

Ian Stansel

With it being National Poetry Month, I thought I'd like to ask a truly unfair question: what are the best poems? Some of our editorial staff indulged my whim and got back to me with a few of their favorite, most influential, and best loved pieces. Sam…

The Sound of the Mountain

Gulf Coast Online Editor

"Bright, bright, and bright, bright, bright, and bright, bright. Bright and bright, bright, and bright, bright moon." ┬ÂMyoe, Buddhist Priest, 1173-1232 I've been thinking a lot lately about Japan. I think we all have. Shortly after I heard about the earthquake,…

A Monologue About Dialogue and the Importance of Genre Exploration

Christine Ha

A one-act play I wrote last semester under the tutelage of Mark Medoff was recently read onstage at the University of Houston's Wortham Theater. While primarily a fiction writer, I found playwriting to be an exercise in creating powerful scenes, scenes…