24.2 - Summer/Fall 2012

2011 Barthelme Prize



  • At the Age of Fifteen Some of the Necessary Facts of the World by Jeff Alessandrelli 
  • Two poems: Wright Park, and Brown Refrigerator by Rick Barot 
  • Sideshow by Ciaran Berry 
  • Birthday Party by Jason Bredle 
  • Dumb Girl by Lissa Cattrone 
  • Two poems: [The boss wears wrist guards I risk carpal tunnel without them can't], and [The boss looks over us the boss likes us the boss lurks us the boss irks us] by Victoria Chang 
  • Still Life by Jehanne Dubrow 
  • Two poems: To Cora Goldman, My Exorcist, and Arriving at School in My Underwear, My Exorcist is the Principal by Brandi George 
  • America (Train) by Kathleen Graber 
  • The Impossibly Boy Returns by Bradley Harrison 
  • Between Menus by Jennifer L. Knox 
  • Two poems: A Round Porcelain Jam Pot, Again, and Rescue Song by Joy Katz 
  • Two poems: A Recent Transformation Tries To Climb the Stairs, and When the World Was Ten Years Old He Fell Deep in Love with Egypt by Patricia Lockwood 
  • Ceremony for Lying Completely Still by Marni Ludwig 
  • Colony Collapse: The Colony Has Collapsed Before by Erin Lyndal Martin 
  • Unfunky UFO, 1981 by Adrian Matejka 
  • The Soft Machinery of the Dark by Kyle McCord 
  • The First Part of the Earth by Shane McCrae 
  • Staking a Claim by Erika Meitner 
  • Wolf Cento by Simone Muench  
  • America Mix-Tape, Track 51 by Jason Myers 
  • a field guide to pronouncing vegetable by Robby Nadler 
  • [a woman in Dior] by Mark Neely 
  • Two poems: Torch Song: Hickory by Allyson Paty, and Torch Song: Stagger Lee by Allyson Paty and Danniel Schoonebeek 
  • Latent Print: Pale Suits by Emilia Phillips 
  • Enthusiasm as Inheritance by Thibault Raoult 
  • From "Elegy in X Parts" by Matt Rasmussen 
  • Poem for Virgil Banescu by Matthew Rohrer 
  • Yoga I by Sandra Simonds 
  • The Wine-Dark Sea by Mathias Svalina 
  • Tea Ceremony by G.C. Waldrep 
  • Two poems: Love Letter Committing Some Other Crime, and A Husband Is a Telescope with Long Legs by Fritz Ward 


  • Marriage in a Time of AIDS by Alan Barstow 
  • Axis by Carand Burnet 
  • Two works: Part Miracle, and Altared There in a Darksome Place by Tom Lake 
  • Unsleeping by Matthew Mahaney 
  • The Treachery of Trees by Marilyn Martin 
  • Making Fine by Ben Merriman 
  • Convergence by Amy Lee Scott