25.2 - Summer/Fall 2013

2012 Barthelme Prize




  • Reading Hunger by Jose Angel Araguz 
  • Two poems: The children, and The storm you say by Elizabeth Barnett 
  • Two poems: loose strife, and ars by Quan Barry 
  • from Monograph by Simeon Berry 
  • When I Go to Prison to Meet My Father by Traci Brimhall 
  • A Brief History of Evolution by Jim Daniels 
  • Vogue, Vogue by Marc Gaba 
  • Two poems: Word, and Rat Poison by Eamon Grennan 
  • Suffering Song by Laura Kasischke 
  • Gin Blossom by Austin LaGrone 
  • Dawn at the Dead Sea by Shara Lessley 
  • Two poems: How to Triumph Like a Girl, and Down Here by Ada Limón 
  • Two poems: On Metal, and Thalassophobia by Jamaal May 
  • Image: Psychotherapy by Wayne Miller 
  • my regrets/I will not make it to Rio [...] by Zach Mueller 
  • Two poems: Act of Contrition, and Chinkhoswe by Jacques J. Rancourt 
  • Correction by Danniel Schoonebeek 
  • My Father's Shadow by Tue Sy 
  • Two poems: Archipelago, and Mendicant by Ryan Teitman 
  • Two poems: Milk, and Apology With Whales and Coyotes by Chelsea Wagenaar 
  • Love Poem in Four Nocturnes by Eric Weinstein 
  • Cane: 1962 by Kimberly Williams 
  • Two poems: ways we imagine, and patterns of excitement by Wendy Xu 
  • The Beating & What Happens When the Boston Crew Finds Out You Ain't Edge by Joshua Young