26.1 - Winter/Spring 2014

2013 Gulf Coast Prize



  • The Matador by Lucie Brock-Broido 
  • Okay, Cupid by Christopher Kempf 
  • Typhoon Poem (Two) by Patrick Rosal 
  • a theory of orbital resonance by Rebecca Bates 
  • Two poems: St. Julia of Corsica, and St. Catherine of Alexandria by Russ Woods 
  • Merry-Go-Round by Brandel France de Bravo 
  • Tim Riggins Imagines Heaven by Nico Alvarado 
  • Two poems: Fauxbade, and I'm Not Crazy About You by Heather Sellers 
  • The Puppy and Kitten Channel by Henrietta Goodman 
  • Two poems: I am not Gertrude Stein, and I am not all Elsie and Elsie again by Stacy Kidd 
  • Old Ladies Are Flying by Daniil Kharms 
  • After Warhol's Rorsach, 1984 by Adam Vines 
  • Jake I Don't Know the First Thing About Desire by Kerri Webster 
  • Evening Prayer by Anne Barngrover 
  • Caravaggio's Beheading of St. John the Baptist by Donald Platt 
  • Conflict with a Childhood God by Annabelle Yeeseul Yoo 
  • Bees by Lia Purpura 
  • Somehow, We are National by Kimberly Grey 
  • Sol in Leo by Sam Ross 
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion by Erica Wright 
  • Pietá by Angie Estes 
  • Exodus by Robert Whitehead 
  • Of the Swan by Jericho Brown 



  • Meanwhile, in Canadian Poetry by Chris Hutchinson
  • Knowing and Naming by John Sherer
  • The Vast Lacy Decay by Kristin Kostick


  • Softer Atrocities by Jenni Sorkin 
  • Film Stills from The Syphilis of Sisyphus (2011) by Mary Reid Kelley 
  • Sidewalk People Are Street by Ariel Evans 
  • Selected Work by William Pope.L 
  • Revisiting The De Luxe Show by Bridget R. Cooks