29.1 - Winter/Spring 2017

2016 Gulf Coast Prize

  • Destiny by Mike Alberti (Fiction)
  • Calisthenics by Brandon Rushton  (Poetry)
  • Witness Trees by Cassidy Norvell Thompson (Nonfiction)




  • peluche perdido / plushie lost (Disney Central Americans in Times Square) by Sheila Maldonado
  • ghosts of me by heather hughes
  • Soap by Hadara Bar-Nadav 
  • Two poems:  Family and Consumer Sciences, and Triggernometry by Cortney Lamar Charleston 
  • nigga as pronoun by Danez Smith 
  • Archival Footage of a Necessary Outburst by Anne Cecelia Holmes 
  • Two poems: Breaking Up with Pablo Neruda, and Existentialism & the Absurd by Jonathan Moody 
  • Superhero by Alessandra Lynch 
  • [This land is made of organic matters and rock] by John Plueker 
  • The Guilt Depot by Catherine Pierce 
  • Lily-White-Secretion-Maker by Chet'la Sebree 
  • The Cowherd's Son by Rajiv Mohabir 
  • Two poems: Some Great Urge, and Horses Do Pony Bends by Terese Svoboda 
  • The Voice, from The Elements by Erin Moure 
  • LOL, not LOL by Jason Bradford 
  • Trans Memoir 4-7 by Sara June Woods 
  • Two poems: Orpheus, Asymptote, and Motion, Moved by Amy Meng 
  • When I saw Ochocinco I had to think about all of the ways I had been fake by Khadijah Queen 
  • Crop Circles by Ross Wilcox 
  • Little God (Labrador) by Michael Morse 
  • Seascape with Evacuating Animals by Bethany Schultz Hurst 
  • Untitled by Ralph Angel 


  • 6 Micro-memoirs by Beth Ann Fennelly 
  • Two essays: Mates, and Spoons by Kelly Sundberg 
  • Becoming Animal: A History by Alex Lemon 
  • Swimming by Geri Ulrey 
  • A National Installation of Memory by Mario Alberto Zambrano 
  • Pitol, Our Great Eccentric by Vicente Alfonso, trans. George Henson 


  • Marina Abramovic on Thomas McEvilley: An Interview by Marina Abramovic 
  • Writing Whatever Presents Itself: a Q&A with Phillip Lopate by


  • Endorsement of Alternative 2, an avant-garde museum, in Mr. Barthelme's memorandum of July 10, 1961 by Carrie Schneider and Adrienne Perry
  • Thomas McEvilley: Global Citizen by 
  • Learning from Thomas McEvilley by